REal Estate Marketing is the most important part of the sale.

Why some Real Estate Agents Soar While Others Sink. 


I have seen this over and over while working in the marketing aspect of the Real Estate industry. Realtors forget the easiest ways to market themselves and how to stay relevant. I have compiled a list of the 5 best ways for you to market a real estate investment property or even just a listing, FSBO, or AirBNB. 


“If your listing is not optimized correctly you will be punished by the almighty Google.”

1. Upgrade Your Properties Photo Quality Online

This should really go without saying but many times new agents will use low light levels and sub par phone cameras. This is the first impression many buyers get when they see the listing on the MLS. Hiring a skilled photographer that can bring the house to life is a first that should be included in listing a house. If the owners of the house are not willing to pay for that then I truly recommend eating the cost. It will pay off in drastically faster sales cycles. 

2. Actively Post on Social Media

This is free an easy to do. I recommend posting a 70/30 ratio of things. 70% of your posts should be lifestyle based and informative. The other 30% should be your property that you are interested in selling. 


Without going into a massive breakdown of buyer psychology the simplest answer is, people don’t want to be sold on Social Media. They go to social media to get a break from their day and to see fun things. So when you build a majority of your page into lifestyle posts they see you as an expert in real estate and how it will apply to them. This can be daunting and there are companies that will provide social media posts daily and do this for you for a low fee usually.

3. Have a Website

If you are an agent you may have a website through your broker. Here is the thing, so does everyone else and that just puts you into a stack on normalcy. 

When you have your own website you can then specialize in your market and become an authority in that. Many talented Real Estate web design companies will be able to integrate your MLS provider into you website so your listings are automatically updated. This all builds you image and brand as a specialist in your area.


4. Always, Always be prepared. 

When you are out you need to have business cards in your pocket at all times. This can’t be stated enough. You never know when you will just strike up a conversation in line at a coffee shop with someone interested in listing or buying a property. Showing you are prepared is key to establishing trust. Make sure you are branded also. Invest in your own logo and design.


5. Content is KEY!!

When you create your listing on the MLS it is pushed to tons of other sites such as Zillow and Trulia. If your listing language and content is subpar and not attention grabbing. Even simply not engaging to the potential real estate client you are missing a major part of the marketing. This includes stunning photography, correct content and verbiage, and something that is call SEO. 

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This is extremely important in the world of online marketing. 98% of people use Google as their first webpage. 85% don’t pass the first page on a search. If your listing is not optimized correctly you will be punished by the almighty Google.  A free tip here is to always list the address first, 300 word description second, and to label all images with the address and your name when saving the file. If you do these basic things it will greatly increase your online relevance. 


So when you apply these elements to your real estate marketing plan you will excel over 90% of your competition. This will set you apart in a sea of mediocrity and pull you into the elite levels of Real Estate Marketing. 


New England Property Ventures always provides the best in real estate marketing for all of their investment properties. This allows the sales cycle to be extremely short creating more value to investors. 

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