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New England Property Ventures is Shaping the Future

Our ultimate goal is to renovate and revitalize neighborhoods by improving properties and increasing property values by delivering an outstanding product that meets the needs of today’s homeowners.

Who We Are

A unique real estate investment company that is revolutionizing the market, utilizing cutting edge marketing techniques and exquisite workmanship to meet the needs of the homeowners of today and of the future.

As a young child, Stephen Straz, the manager and principal of New England Property Ventures LLC has been building and bringing his visions to life.

For the better part of his life, Stephen has worked in the construction industry. Beginning as a painter and moving to full time employment as a union carpenter. He began to provide kitchen installations for larger retailers 2004 and later went on to open his own construction company in 2006. His extensive background in all aspects of residential and commercial construction are an undeniable asset to the Real Estate investment business.

Along with a team of top-notch local realtors, lenders, capital investment partners, marketing experts and attorneys, New England Property Ventures LLC is beautifying cities and towns throughout New England.

What sets New England Property Ventures LLC apart from their competition is our ability to completely transform the property by not only renovating the existing structure but reworking floor plans, adding square footage, and ensuring that the must-have amenities are present within the property. Our expanded vision gives us a competitive edge over rehabbers and investors who solely work with updating the existing floor plan.

Large scale Build outs

renovations plus

Million in assets managed

The Relationships that New England Property Ventures

has created with lenders, in both the hard and private money industry, allow us to tap into multiple funding sources and force lenders to compete for the best rates and terms.


Project Planning

New England Property Ventures has extensive property planning experience. Which helps make investing in real estate an easy choice.


New England Property Ventures works with all types of residential properties. Single Family, Multi-family, Condo, Apartment, Townhome.

Interior Design

Our interior design planners help bring the property to its maximum value per SqFt for the best ROI when you invest in Real Estate.

Exterior Design

We only use top quality products to create the luxury that our targeted buyers want. Gaining maximum ROI when you invest in Real Estate.

Property Appraisal

We design our properties to appriase at the highest value per SqFt possible. We also maximize usuable SqFt on every property.


We are available to acquire commercial property if that is of interest to you.

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